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art2act® & aefbaul

In the context of our recent collaboration with the Students Association of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, we have opened an open call for all students of the Faculty providing them the opportunity to exhibit, promote and sell their works on our platform.

To the selected students it was offered a profile and an online exhibition space, enabling sales through a secure payment platform. We also offered a place in a collective exhibition in the form of VR (virtual reality), which we are delivering today.

In essence, art is a way of expressing emotions in a non-generic way. However, a technique is no good until admirers can actually see and understand it. Similarly, an art exhibition helps bring that hidden essence and emotion before the people that admire and understand it.

The COVID pandemic has been hard for all artists to show their new works to the public, so we have decided to give them a little support regarding this situation through the creation of the following exhibition:


Inside the exhibition, you will find 1 work per student selected in the open call. By clicking on the work, this movement will take you to the checkout of that piece on our website. This way, you are a one-second distance from buying an original piece from these amazing artists.

*For a better experience use VR glasses.

This project was powered by Mirage Virtual Reality. This company creates immersive and innovative experiences in the field of Extended Reality (XR) such as virtual art galleries and visualization solutions for the real estate market. Take a look at their website here and get delighted with their recent projects.

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