Sari - Mariana Ralo

Technique: Acrylic framed tapestry | Handmade with silk and linen.
Size: 22x22cm


Sari - original artwork by Mariana Ralo.

Technique: Acrylic framed tapestry | Handmade with silk and linen.
Size: 22x22cm 
Certify of Authenticity signed by the artist.

This piece is part of a capsule collection with a limited number of pieces.

Donation: 7% of this artwork will be donated to Plastic Oceans | Plastic Oceans International is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization, founded and existing under the laws of California (Federal Tax ID #81-3778043). We are dedicated to ending plastic pollution and fostering sustainable communities worldwide.
About the artist: "I do handwoven tapestries and want to add texture and comfort to spaces with my artwork. I had never thought about pursuing a career in arts. I remember designing clothes on the back of school notebooks, stealing my mother’s sewing machine to start projects that are - to this day - unfinished, and selling handmade scarfs to high school friends; and I still have sweaters of my own creation hanging in my wardrobe. But it was only one year after discovering the art of manual weaving, filling home walls with tapestries and dreaming of a day-to-day life in a studio of my own, that I realised I had never allowed myself to think about it in a serious way just because "it wasn't supposed to."

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