Burned by Greed #1 - INACII

Technique: wood
Dimensions: 80x20x20cm


Burned by Greed #1 - original artwork by INACII.

"It´s difficult to personally describe how this piece makes me feel, and the artwork speaks for herself."

To simplify, it is more than 1000 gs of silver melted in an already burned piece of wood. That piece in particular it´s an oak tree killed by the fires of 15/11/2017 that asolate the region center of Portugal. 

That tragedy had a deep impact on the artist as a person, and to the entire country as well. Reflecting about this piece, the artist thinks of it like if it is the representation of how much human greed, the desperation for another dollar, is changing so many lifes and killing our true treasure.

Technique: wood.
Size: 80x20x20cm
Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.
Donation: 7% of this artwork will be donated to SOS animal | www.sosanimal.com. This is a non-governmental organization and association for animal and environmental protection that counts on volunteers and supporters across Portugal.
About the artist: Inacii name idealized to honor his family legacy. He is an award-winner photographer and plastic artist born and based in Viseu, extremely connected with nature, seeks inspiration in his strengths to overcome barriers. Being a plastic artist since a teenager gives Inacii the ability to abstract himself from the usual reality. Sometimes wandering, only studying textures and forms, light and shadow, colors and contrast but more important experiences, that convert in great memories.

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