art2act sits on three different pillars, through which we try to answer to the needs of artists and potential art buyers, while trying to generate positive impacts in different communities.

Its first pillar is to potentiate artists' growth. art2act provides a platform totally built and designed to showcase and sell original artworks from artists all around the globe, becoming a true partner for them.

The second pillar is its pursuit to generate a positive impact. To do so, art2act offers 7% of each sale to an NGO chosen by the artist. This way, the impact of a bought piece not only serves the purpose of giving value to the work and message passed by the artist, but also to the community that inspires and surrounds him/her.

Through its third pillar, art2act specialises on accompanying private and public entities who seek to buy art in investment frameworks, in relation to corporate social responsibility (CSR) or as part of branding strategies.

In the globalised world we live nowadays, we are faced with many opportunities and many challenges. We were never as connected to each other as now, yet, it seems that artists are struggling to reach their publics. We understand this challenging dynamic and have decided to tackle this issue in two different ways: by working with artist and potential buyers.

When we look upon different networks, or scroll down different social medias, we are overwhelmed with the quantity of talented artists out there, expressing themselves in a genuine way. We see artistic value all around. Yet, when we talk with many artists, we can’t help to relate to their frustration when it comes to getting noticed or heard, and selling their pieces. It is a very complicated world to navigate, in one of the most challenging markets there is. art2act®️ comes to life to tackle this issue, to support talented artists being heard, getting noticed, and selling art. To be the bridge between them and the people they wish to connect with.

At the same time, we have realised that many public and private entities wish to invest in art, whether it is in investment frameworks, in relation to corporate social responsibility (CSR) or as part of their branding strategies, but they do not have the know how required to do so correctly. Therefore, art2act®️ comes in as the partner of choice for this players that wish to support the arts’ sector, and advises them on how to invest properly in art, according to their need and their preferences. This allows us to sit in a very privileged spot, where we can actively work on bringing artists and buyers or collectors together, so that all of them can find suitable solutions for their needs and problems.

In addition, in art2act®️ we are strong believers in leading by example. That is why we have decided to share 7% of our sales margin on artworks with an NGO chosen by the artist. We are a for profit organization, however we believe we can reduce and share our profits to increase impact, giving back to the communities that bring so much to us. This way, we all win, together.

art2act®️ comes to life with three main missions:

To be a platform for emerging artists to showcase themselves and fulfil their potential. We are not bystanders that offer a space to sell, we are here to be a true partner to artists by offering them real advice to develop their careers. We wish to be a referent art marketplace, where any art lover knows they will find high quality, unique, original pieces.

To close the gap between the artists and the buyers. art2act®️ also comes in as the partner of choice for buyers who wish to invest in art consciously.

To create a positive impact on the community. We want to be leading actors in potentiating a positive change in a world with many troubling fronts, and we want to give voice to the artist to decide which front to tackle.

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