Warever - Gameiro Nuno

Technique: Charcoal and Acrylic Ink on Paper.
Size: 21x29.7cm


Warever - Original artwork by Gameiro Nuno.

Technique: Charcoal and Acrylic Ink on Paper.
Size: 21x29,7cm
Year: 2020
(Frame included).
Certify of Authenticity signed by the artist.

Donation: 7% of this artwork will be donated to APAV | apav.pt. APAV supports people who are victims of crime, their families and friends, free of charge and confidentially. They offer practical, psychological, legal and social support. Their Victim Support Technicians are specialized in supporting people who have been or are victims of some type of crime and are available to listen to you, guaranteeing confidentiality and respect for your autonomy.
About the artist: Born in Lisbon in 1992, Nuno Gameiro attended the painting course in Lisbon's Fine Arts University, and after that completed a painting course at the AR.CO arts school in Lisbon. The creative path began through urban art - first doing clandestine graffiti, that after gave way to legal mural painting. Entrying into the Fine Arts University estimulated the artist's creative purposes and techniques that best help expressing oneself. The focus of painting was always early on to express the deeper layers of what Freud called the "Uncounscious Mind". At the same time he painted, he sought the author himself to decipher the contents of his artwork. The porsuit of self-knowledge and new perceptions on life greatly influences the work of Nuno Gameiro. The artworks are focused on the pattern of human behaviour, emotions, as well as the bewilderment of human condition. The creative path as a constant self-discovery, and always establishing empathy with the viewer of the artworks, who may eventually feel a lot of what the artist expresses.

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