"Unfilled", 2021



Technique: Oil on Canvas.
Size: 90x 54,5cm

The Dysfunctions series, in which "Unfilled" is inserted, focuses on how the body positions itself or is positioned in space, and how the relationship established between the two influences the apprehension of the latter. In addition, these four works reveal an interest in the physical and psychological fragility inherent to human solitude.
Through an approach that seeks realism, familiar and domestic spaces are represented. The human figure in disguised delirium captures the gaze of those who observe it in melancholy surroundings. In this way, its unusual interaction with the space instigates a sense of strangeness and absurdity, distorting the familiarity of daily actions and common spaces in a house. The deprivation of human relationships forces the figure to seek physical proximity to the objects in the surrounding space. In parallel, the viewer is placed in a position not only of questioning what he observes but also of impotence, as a voyeur.

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