"The city of Sofronia is made up of two half cities. In the first, there is the great roller coaster of dizzying slopes, the carousel of spokes formed by chains, the ferris wheel with revolving cabins, the death globe with upside-down motorcyclists, the circus dome with the trapezoids tied in the middle. The second half city is made of stone and marble and cement, with the bank, factories, palaces, slaughterhouse, school and all the rest. One of the half cities is fixed, the other is temporary and, when its season ends, it is unscrewed, dismantled and taken away, transferred to the vacant lots of another half city. So every year comes the day when the masons detach the marble pediments, collapse the stone walls, the cement pillars, dismantle the ministry, the monument, the docks, the oil refinery, the hospital, carry the winches to follow the itinerary of each year from place to place. The half Sofronia of target-shooting and carousels remains, with the scream suspended from the little train of the roller coaster upside down, and you start counting how many months, how many days to wait until the caravan returns and the whole life starts over." CALVINO. Italo

Technique: Cutting, folding and pasting on triplex paper, white box frame, 2mm glass protection. 

53x 53 cm

Year: 2020

Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist. 

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