Postais do Acaso IV - Eduarda Fernandes




This project comes from a postcard photo of my paternal grandmother with her friends and sister in may 1943. This photo has always fascinated me. A huge amount of time separates it from the present and from me, my grandmother was 18 when the picture was taken in the middle of the second world war, of which Portugal did not participate.
I grew up listening to many stories of her youth in Porto, about her homeland, Vila Nova de Gaia. Fate or a greater force, depending on what you believe, made me study at Porto, in a college located near one of the places often evoked on my grandma's stories.

Starting by the adress that my grandmother writed on the verse of this postcard, I recreate her route in the metropolitan area of Porto. To register this places I take as the central element of my pictures the benchs. An object present on my grandma's photo, it is also part of urban landscape. People pass by, disappear, but benchs stay. Apparently waiting, while everything around it changes.

Using analog processes I tried to give a certain patina of time to my images, bringing them closer to my reference image.

Camera: Canon AE-1 Programm
Ilford HP5
Photographic Paper:
Ilford Multigrade RC Pearl
17,8 x 24 cm

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