NUMB - Rani Assal

Technique: Brown and white chalk on fabriano paper
Size: 30x42cm


NUMB - original artwork by Rani Assal.

Technique: Brown and white chalk on fabriano paper.
Size: 30x42cm
Year: 2020
Frame included.

Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.

Donation: 7% of this artwork will be donated to Grupo em Defesa da Criança Com Câncer | "In 1995, a group of people sensitized to the difficulties experienced by children with cancer living in Jundiaí (60 km from SP) and region decided to unite to ensure that the treatment of the disease could be done without leaving the city. Constant travel in search of radiotherapy and chemotherapy becomes traumatic and can further aggravate the condition caused by treatment side effects. That was how the Group for the Defense of Children with Cancer - GRENDACC was born, which guarantees dignified free treatment and offers quality of life not only for children and adolescents with cancer, but also for those with chronic hematological diseases. The service is aimed at children and adolescents from zero to 19 years old."
About the artist: Brazilian figurative painter from São Paulo, based in Porto - Portugal. Rani Assal is graduated at university of fine arts of São Paulo (Brazil) and pursuing a master's degree in fine arts at University of Porto (Portugal). He was apprentice of the norwegian great master Odd Nerdrum in 2018. His work is around painting, specifically figurative painting and drawing with references on the great masters of the past like Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Rubens.

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