José's Armchair

Technique: Oil on Canvas
Size: 100x80cm


José’s armchair, 2020

 Oil on canvas

100 x 80 cm.

 This paintings was different from my usual ones, there are no body deformations, no weird lighting, no bodies floating in the sky. It is just a portray of my friend and roomate José sitting on an armchair in our little apartment’s marquee.

The painting process was aided with the use of a photograph as reference so that I could paint in the atelier.

There wasn’t much of a thought process going into this painting, I wanted to create a mood and I wanted to be as faithful to the photo as I could. 

The angle of the viewer was meant to exalt José’s position. He looks down upon the viewer  as if he was in some kind of higher hierarchy even thought he is clearly dressed for comfort and not in a presentable way. So, in a way he does seem to stand in an higher ground, but at the same time he presents himself in sloppy manner. 

I could have painted him wearing a classy suit empowering is position. Instead I create contradictions within the painting making the viewers question how should they feel before such figure.

In a way I suppose this is how José might make you feel about him, he has quite the personality and you just don’t know how to feel about it.

To finish the painting off I was feeling like he was looking too static. Looking to change that and give it some vibrance I mixed some line work within the painting, giving it the sensation of movement.

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