Technique: Oil and Acrylic on Linoleum Mounted on Wood
Size: 110x100cm


Fox of greed

Oil and acrylic on linoleum mounted on wood.

110cm x 100cm.

This work explores the plastic potential of linoleum as a support for painting. Due to its characteristics, it holds the paint relatively well and opens and opportunity to create positive and negative textures. Mixing painting with carving the possibilities are endless.

The picture itself is represents my latest struggles. The obvious temptation for the game and the greed that comes with it. Our eyes are drawned to the figure holding a staff. We can't really make out who it is but he is there. This identifiable representation makes the character not an individual but a colective. The colective that holds power over us with it's invisible hand of money. The whole paint screams greed. From the deck of cards stack up in pyramidal structure, the big amount of gold associated to the game and the fox, an symbol of greed.

However there is yet another element: the paper boat. This little boat appears to be falling in to the abyss and it works as a representation of what happens when we try to fight this big colective. The four of spades is known to represent bad luck and interconnected with the little boat, represents our demise.

In the end it's a painting about the bigger power that controls us. We all know who they are, we just can't put a face on them.

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