Better Days To Come | My Home My Rules

Size: 22x32cm
Technique: Handcutting


Better Days To Come | Original artwork by My Home My Rules

Paper layered artwork, with hand-cutting technique.

"Green is the color of growth and health, and violet is color of spirituality."

Dimensions: 32x22cm.

Donation: 7% of this artwork will be donated to Fundación Pequeño Deseo |

About the artist: Natalia de Pablo is a Spanish artist who has been living abroad for several years, currently in Chile. "Most of the time I do not start my work from a particular inspiration, although I think that everything that surrounds you, your experiences, the trips that you have been able to make throughout your life and that have allowed you to know different cultures , you always carry them with you and at some point they emerge. I always work starting from a technique or techniques that I want to combine and from there I let the inspiration flow."

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