A Penitent Routine (Rotina Penitente)



A Penitent Routine (Rotina Penitente), 2020

700 x 1000 mm

Ballpoint pen on paper

The world fell sick. Countries closed their borders just as people closed their homes. We all lived for months locked in our homes, in a routine not so far from that of the prison. This work proposes to explore this routine established in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, making reference to the issue of combat or total apathy of the states in the face of this tragedy.

Our quarantine experience is inextricably linked to our status as citizens of different states. Some countries handled it more effectively, humanely or pragmatically than others. Some did not even recognize the pandemic as a reality, the fact is that these postures of a national order directly affected the individuals. This work proposes that our home is like a small nation of which we are sovereign, using a visual composition inspired by the flags and creating, in a tangle of lines, a representative scene of this reality. Thus, we have the outside world reduced to a small window from which stars fall, sowing disturbed dreams on the pillows. From the bed, a newly awakened figure emerges, wrapped in sheets as banners representing the household borders. She is crowned by a clock that distorts time around, her shadow deformed forwards as if seeking something indefinable. The clothes in the background, hanging like flags, call back to our life relegated to a second place.

The quarantine was a contemplative period of diluted hours, shrouded in a shadow like the memory of a past normalcy that was then invisible. We were divided into a game of light and shadow, of protection and prison, the private and the collective, a condition of both sacrifice and prevention. Once our reference was lost and our notions of space and time shaken, we witnessed all space beyond our rooms and houses become gigantic. Perhaps the world has expanded or just our awareness of it shrunk...


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