art2act® | newsletter #22

Camilla D'Anunziata



Camilla D'Anunziata

Visual Artist from São Paulo, Brazil.

D'Anunziata's artistic field of experimentation crosses the universes between fashion, design and art. Camilla has a passion for light design and the symbolism that brings light to the awakening of consciousness. The artist proposes a series of bedside lamps made as a process of "assemblage" items that would be disposable, thus proposing new combinations.

D'Anunziata is an eternal student of medieval alchemy, but she brings it to everyday life by turning her residue into gold, seeking solutions to this climatic context that we are experiencing globally.

Hello Camilla! Can you tell us about the process of making your work?

"To create I need to dive into books and information. My area of research is my life and how I use self-knowledge to expand both my mind and the minds of others. Alchemy, occultism, magic, metaphysics and the expansion of consciousness are part of my research."

What does your work aim to say?

"I seek through symbols and the symbolic to be a bridge between people's conscious and unconscious."

Who are your biggest influences?

"I like to mix and reinterpret styles. My studies go from ancient Egypt 3,000 years ago to the futurism of the 60s and the pop culture of the 80s. I mix it all up and voilá."

How have you developed your career?

"For 15 years I was in the fashion industry and gradually I was diving into new universes that gave me the conceptual framework for me to create my pieces. I was curious and interested in developing in other areas and mainly expanding my awareness."

Which current art world trends are you following?

"I would change the word trends for a collective unconscious. I see my work building on a need to be more brutalist, more primitive. I believe that there is a great need in the collective unconscious to return to the roots, to be more natural."

How has the art world’s relationship to women artists changed since you began your career? How could it still improve?

"I believe that the world is of the feminine and not of the women. There are many women with masculine energy and many men with feminine energy. For me it's not about gender anymore, it's about another essence of behavior, which is the feminine essence."

One of the NGO's you have chosen to help with 7% of your works is "Abrigo Reviver". How important do you feel their work is in Brasil and how did it inspired you?

"I think that any project that takes care of children and young people is important, as they are the future."

What do you think about the art2act® project? How do you think it can help the development of your artistic career?

"I think what connected me was the question of seeing art in a new way that I don't see out there. The market still has a lot of ego and we still live a paradigm of just thinking about ourselves. I don't think it's about a career, it's about doing differently and seeing new forms of collaboration."


Camilla D'Anunziata