Antony Squizzato



Antony Squizzato lives and works in Auvergne, France.

Feeling the need to break away from his digital advertising career, Squizzato has became a full-time painter and freelance art director, and has since been focusing his efforts on the evolution of his self-titled style, simply called "Neue- Constructivism".

Escape Friday - Squizzato
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Escape Friday - Squizzato


Escape Friday - Original artwork by Squizzato.

Technique: watercolor and ink on fine art french handcrafted paper by le moulins du papier de brousses. 
Size: 70x50cm
Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.

Today, the artist divides his time between studio creations, as well as producing visuals for a wide range of renowned international agencies. He works in a balanced ecosystem between personal production, and commissioned art direction for smart people in search of fresh input.

He uses abstraction and minimalism to advance ideas with universal meaning, bringing together traditional methods of painting with digital and new media techniques tocreate something both classical and contemporary.


Hello Antony, good morning. First of all, what inspired you to start painting?

"It is a long path first in the advertising industry, designing with digital tools during 20 years to finally start working with oils in the silence of a studio. Today, it's a blend of everything, mixing techniques at the service of my self titled "neue-constructivism".

Is there a particular message you want to send people with your art?

"That any piece of art does not have to dictate any message, but may open imagination and lead to discussions or different views as some echoes to the watcher history. I like drawings that manage to have multi-levels lectures, where I can find myself re-discovering every time, being abstraction or not."

You made murals in different parts of the world, is there a particular one that has a special meaning to you?

"Yep that one it was done along one month in a university residence,. It has a special meaning because it's composed of multiple layers like the idea of a screenprint, every layer being a "kiss" flat painting, and their addition is depicting steps of a couple relationship. I also teamed up with a dance company to bring another dimension to the finished mural."


You have chosen Handicap International to help with the sale of your works, what will you think about this NGO?

"I worked for them some years ago, as a creative director in the digital industry, so I have a good vision of their activity fields. Today it's another way of collaborating without the client/agency constraints."

You've been awarded and published worldwide: IdN, Vogue, Pictoplasma, 3X3 Mag, Jazz Magazine, Freshpaint Mag, Elle Singapore. Which do you consider the most gratifying moment of your career so far?

"Oh I really don't know. To be honest during many years I felt illegitimate because I have no academic art education. I have been learning meeting other artists in their studio, reading, and experimenting a lot on my own side after observing, I feel like learning every day. So I am honored when I got positive feedbacks or acknowledgements from artists who inspire me, more than being published."

What do you think of the art2act® project?

"It's great to experiment new models in the art industry. The art world is all tied up with digital platforms, major fairs taking over traditional galeries. Some artists are working directly with their community, some brands are working directly with artists.. Time for changes."