About Eva Resende | Empowering Artists

Eva Resende is a Visual Artist, the creator of studioevaresende.ga. Her authorial work is a consequence of plastic and conceptual investigations that focus on phenomenological processes in the construction and nature of the Image per se, searching for its various potentialities.

Welcome to art2act!

Do we actually know what Contemporary Art is?

We’ve all had a conversation about “contemporary art”, been to a “contemporary art” exhibition, purchased some “contemporary art” or actually produced some. But, do we actually know what Contemporary Art is? Do we understand how it differs from precedent artistic movements, and why? Well, since art2act is fully dedicated to it, we thought we could share a quick introduction about it.

2022: Who’s eager for Blockchain?

Last year was incredible for art2act. Starting as an online marketplace that showcased the work of emerging artists, the platform began to evolve into a blockchain ecosystem. Why? Because we envision the decentralization of the cultural sector, making it independent and tailored by its community. We believe that decentralization will bring capitalization to the market and a much better distribution. This will favor artists, the backbone of this sector and, ultimately, generate more culture! And, what is blockchain if not a great tool for changing centralized models?

Artists & Business

People tend to dissociate artists, and their work, from business. But in fact, these are some of the most entrepreneurial individuals of our societies. A contemporary artist is a creator, an accountant, a salesperson and a marketing specialist, all at the same time!  In art2act, we offer the tools artists need to achieve this with unparalleled efficiency, supporting them in the professionalization of their work-flow, so they can focus their time and efforts in their main activity: creating.

Debating NFTs in the Art World

If you are inside the blockchain sphere, you have been familiar with NFTs for quite some time. But, on the other hand, if you are an artist, you might have just started to learn about them. You’ve noticed there’s quite a debate around their impact in the art world. But why is that? For some, NFTs mean art will become a financial product. For others, they represent a great opportunity for opening and democratising the contemporary art market. For art2act, NFTs entail more cultural development, new methods, increased capitalisation, and greater capital distribution. With every tool blockchain technology has to offer, art2act is here to empower artists, support culture, improve market inefficiencies, eliminate intermediaries, and decentralise the contemporary art market.

Art & Blockchain

There has been a lot of talk lately concerning blockchain technology and the crypto sphere. But what is blockchain, exactly? How can it be applied to the art industry? By breaking its monopolies through the reduction of intermediaries, creating a transparent network of artists and stakeholders, and providing a safe ecosystem for transactions to occur, blockchain technology can really be the next massive step in bringing the power back to the artists

The Relevance of Art

The paramountcy of art is tied to the nature of our human-made world, and whether we design it to be a source of comfort or suffering, art is a sweeping notion that has played a capital role in the history and development of humankind. That is why, in art2act, we’re deeply engaged in supporting art creators. We see how important their work is and how much of a transformative impact it has in our societies and in ourselves, as individuals. By creating a platform that improves efficiency and brings together different stakeholders of the sector in an open and democratic way, we will create an ecosystem that fosters a positive feedback loop, generating culture and art on its own. Blockchain technology is the main tool behind this, artists are its catalysts. 

The Marriage of Art & Technology

Art and technology have grown alongside each other in numerous ways to get to their current position: a digital era where they continually overlap and represent new concepts. Blockchain, and more particularly NFTs, are having a profound impact on the way art is being conceived and sold and. As they deeply change the sector, this represents a tremendous opportunity for contemporary artists. In art2act, we’re committed to accompanying artists through this new digital era in which intermediaries are skipped and artists become the new protagonists of a market that has long enriched on their backs.

The New Paradigm of Contemporary Art

The contemporary art market took 21 years to grow a staggering 2,700%. So, how do NFTs go from $13.7M to $2.5B, an 18,000% increase, in only one year? In art2act we believe that this fantastic rise is due to the fact that NFTs are community-based artistic projects. They are not curated by a few stakeholders who decide what is good or not in the arts. The community decides what they like and what they buy, without any filters or middlemen. When we, as a community, decide to apply the same principle to the contemporary art market, more people will join in and participate.

The Struggle of Female Artists

Female artists have been involved in art creation since ancient times, but when we revise our art history books, we realise that they are almost non-existent. Nowadays, women are still deeply underrepresented and undervalued, struggling to find work and to get their work recognised, while they represent the vast majority of art graduates. As a democratic platform, made and developed by artists and for artists, art2act is deeply engaged in the equal representation of talent. We want statistics to show the reality of a sector filled with highly educated, accomplished and skilled women. This is our engagement now, when we already count 55% of female talent in our community.

Art, Artists & Social Movements

Art is a very powerful tool when it comes to denounce oppressive systems, inequality and other social issues. But must artists be engaged and intervene in the public debate, in order to have an impact in society? Who is to decide what is, or not, engaged enough? In art2act, we believe that being an artist and living off one’s artistic creations, is already a personal commitment. A very powerful engagement in a society where economic growth and productivism reign. That is why we are engaged in supporting artists to become independent.

Art, Jobs & Education

There seems to be a tremendous lack of efficiency in the artistic job’s market and, in art2act, we are deeply concerned by it. This is actually one of the main reasons for our existence and current development. We believe that such inefficiency can harm the sector and, particularly, young artists. That is why, by partnering with higher education institutions, we will work to present real professional opportunities for young arts graduates, so they can find the tools they need to pierce into the professional market, without having to make concessions like working two jobs while they wish to dedicate their full-time to creating.