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From paintings and drawings, through sculpture and collages, to photography and limited editions, we are certain that you will find your pick.

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Our artists are carefully selected so we can offer potential buyers a high quality marketplace, filled with original and expressive artworks, made by emerging and established artists.


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From selling artworks, to creating VR exhibitions, offering career consulting or developing merchandising, we are proud to be a true partner for artists.

It’s all connected to our will to help artists’ careers.

Reviews and Testimonials by our Artists

We come alive to potentiate artists' growth and to support entities that wish to invest in art, while creating a positive impact in different communities. In the pursuit to generate a positive impact, we offer 7% of our profit to an NGO chosen by artists. This way, the impact of a bought piece not only serves the purpose of giving value to the work and message passed by the artists, but also to the community that inspires and surrounds them. This way, we all win, together.


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About Eva Resende | Empowering Artists

Eva Resende is a Visual Artist, the creator of Her authorial work is a consequence of plastic and conceptual investigations that focus on phenomenological processes in the construction and nature of the Image per se, searching for its various potentialities.

Welcome to art2act!

Do we actually know what Contemporary Art is?

We’ve all had a conversation about “contemporary art”, been to a “contemporary art” exhibition, purchased some “contemporary art” or actually produced some. But, do we actually know what Contemporary Art is? Do we understand how it differs from precedent artistic movements, and why? Well, since art2act is fully dedicated to it, we thought we could share a quick introduction about it.

2022: Who’s eager for Blockchain?

Last year was incredible for art2act. Starting as an online marketplace that showcased the work of emerging artists, the platform began to evolve into a blockchain ecosystem. Why? Because we envision the decentralization of the cultural sector, making it independent and tailored by its community. We believe that decentralization will bring capitalization to the market and a much better distribution. This will favor artists, the backbone of this sector and, ultimately, generate more culture! And, what is blockchain if not a great tool for changing centralized models?

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