Untitled Silver - INACII

Technique: Silver and acrylic on wood
Size: 50x61cm


Untitled Silver - original artwork by INACII.

Technique: Silver and acrylic on wood.
Size: 50x61cm
Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.

Minimalist silver sculpture on wood product.

Donation7% of this artwork will be donated to Cruz Vermelha | www.cruzvermelha.pt. Cruz Vermelha is a humanitarian institution of public utility designed to defend peace, guarantee respect for the dignity of the human person, lessen the effects of war and promote life and health.
About the artist: Inacii name idealized to honor his family legacy. He is an award-winner photographer and plastic artist born and based in Viseu, extremely connected with nature, seeks inspiration in his strengths to overcome barriers. Being a plastic artist since a teenager gives Inacii the ability to abstract himself from the usual reality. Sometimes wandering, only studying textures and forms, light and shadow, colors and contrast but more important experiences, that convert in great memories.

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