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I do handwoven tapestries and want to add texture and comfort to spaces with my artwork.

"I had never thought about pursuing a career in arts. I remember designing clothes on the back of school notebooks, stealing my mother’s sewing machine to start projects that are - to this day - unfinished, and selling handmade scarfs to high school friends; and I still have sweaters of my own creation hanging in my wardrobe."

"But it was only one year after discovering the art of manual weaving, filling home walls with tapestries and dreaming of a day-to-day life in a studio of my own, that I realised I had never allowed myself to think about it in a serious way, just because "I wasn't supposed to."

"I graduated in Industrial Engineering and Management, with a track record of good professional and personal behaviour governed by the exact sciences, and worked for 3 years in logistics and project management - until being questioned about my career ambitions in the company I worked in. Oops."

"I had never thought about pursuing a career in arts, but I do now.​"

Maria - Mariana Ralo

Maria - Mariana Ralo


Maria - original artwork by Mariana Ralo.

Technique: Handmade Tapestry on Fabric - Cotton and Jute. 
Size: 60x75cm
Certify of Authenticity signed by the artist.

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Mariana, let's start with: who are you and what do you do?

"I am a textile artist with a strong engineering background, and I do handwoven tapestries and rugs."

How do you work?
"I use weaving techniques and two types of looms to create my pieces through the combination of different fabrics and yarns."

Estampas - Mariana Ralo

Estampas - Mariana Ralo


Estampas - original artwork by Mariana Ralo.

Technique: Acrylic framed tapestries. Handmade with cotton.
Size: 22x32cm; 22x22cm
Certify of Authenticity signed by the artist.

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How has your practice changed over time?
"Textiles have always been in my life as a hobby, but when I discovered weaving technique two years ago I decided to start learning it properly and study the textiles world, and that's what I've been doing since then; experiencing and creating the textiles through weaving."

What has inspired you to develop the art that you create nowadays? Is traditional Portuguese tapestry an inspiration? Is there an artist, or artistic mouvement, that has had a great influence on your development? Why?

"There's no doubt that weaving being an ancient technique around the globe is really inspiring to me; knowing I'm using such a rich technique that is behind all the textiles we use in the world today is fascinating. I cannot say I get my inspiration from a certain artist or movement, I really try to use my everyday experiences and look for new interior design movements or trends to guide me on my work."

Jardineira - Mariana Ralo

Jardineira - Mariana Ralo


Jardineira - original artwork by Mariana Ralo.

Technique: Wall Hanging Tapestry - Handemade with Cotton.
Size: 75x85cm
Certify of Authenticity signed by the artist.

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Is there any particular message you try to send with your work?
"The only message I want my works to send is to add texture and comfort to spaces, and doing it so without consuming more resources of planet earth. Whenever I create a new work piece I am always bearing in mind the personality it can bring to different spaces and the pleasurable experience of the client by owning, looking and feeling it."

What is your dream project?
"Tricky one. A client giving me an entire wall to create what I want is always a dream project I cannot get enough of; as it is to decorate a new hotel's rooms and lounges with my works."

What role does the artist have in society?
"I cannot speak for other artists, but I feel my role is to add exclusiveness to spaces and help create environments where people feel comfortable and confident."

Telha - Mariana Ralo

Telha - Mariana Ralo


Telha - original artwork by Mariana Ralo.

Technique: Acrylic framed tapestry | Handmade with cotton, silk and linen.
Size: 32x22cm 
Certify of Authenticity signed by the artist.

This piece is part of a capsule collection with a limited number of pieces.

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Professionally, what’s your goal?
"A good equilibrium between time creating new designs, time producing my works and time managing my brand."

What do you think about the art2act project? How do you think it can help the development of your artistic career?
"The art2act project is a fresh approach to the business of art, because it takes into account great worries new generations of artists and buyers have nowadays. From humanitarian to environmental NGOs, all have their super important role in the world and it is not always possible for individuals to help them. art2act permits it here, at the same time it incentives the artistic world and new artists."