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Artist born and based in Porto, Portugal.

With a degree in Fine Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, Ana Pinho's artistic work has its motto in the hybrid and misshapen of the body, outside of any academic rules.

Tormentos - Ana Pinho (Oficina Cobalto)

Tormentos - Ana Pinho (Oficina Cobalto)


Tormentos  - original artwork by Ana Pinho (Oficina Cobalto).

Techni\que: Mixed technique on linen.
Size: 55x40cm
Year: 2020
Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.

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Her motto merges with natural and everyday elements, allowing interaction with the surrounding imaginary landscapes. It is possible to observe in her work excessive plasticity due to the combination of different materials.

She does not assume herself as a homogeneous artist since she's constantly seeking new forms of expression, whether through painting, sculpture, ceramics, or installation.

O Género, O Corpo, A Disformidade I - Ana Pinho (Oficina Cobalto)

O Género, O Corpo, A Disformidade I - Ana Pinho (Oficina Cobalto)


O Género, O Corpo, A Disformidade I  - original artwork by Ana Pinho (Oficina Cobalto).

Technique: Mix media on canvas.
Size: 40x30cm
Year: 2020
Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.

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Hello Ana, good morning. Before we start, just remind us: you started with us directly with the sale of the work "The Chair". How was the first reaction to that?

"Of complete surprise. I already knew about the art2act® project but I didn't even suspect that you knew my artistic work. It's always great when the first contact delivers a work sale."

We have been watching and appreciating your work for a long time and we like it very much. Explain to us, how do you characterize yourself as an artist?

"Above all, I assume that I am a versatile artist who's constantly seeking to explore new materials, techniques, and ways of creating. Strongly influenced by artists such as Egon Shiele, Hockey, Lucian Freud, Paula Rego, Helena Almeira and Julião Sarmento."


 We know that "The Chair" has a personal meaning for you. Do you like to give your own meaning to all your works or "The Chair" did have special attention?

"One of the focal points in the development of my artistic work is the memories and/or specific moments of the present. However, "The Chair" has a special nostalgia character as it is allusive to the act of waiting. The paper belonged to my grandfather, and in itself was a tangible memory."


In January 2020, you started a new project that we are pleased to announce. According to TimeOut, the "Oficina Colbalto" is a workspace aimed at emerging artists, but not only. Can you explain to us what your new project consists of and what was the great motivation to start it?

"The idea arose from the need to create a space capable of welcoming other artists who were in the same situation as mine: looking for. Looking for work in the area, looking for themselves and artistic developments with which they identified. In parallel to offering the space as a working studio, it hosts art workshops, classes, tattoo studios, and recurring exhibitions. From December, there will be six artists in the space."

You have chosen APAV to help with the sale of your works, which we already did with the sale of "The Chair". What led you to choose this NGO?

"I know the project and unfortunately the support that this NGO has is not enough to face the demand, since it needs to give support to the countless victims of domestic violence."


What do you think of the art2act® project? Do you think you have made the right decision by joining the platform?

"I consider it an innovative project in the sense that it helps both artists and several NGOs. There are not many artistic projects who defend social causes so the decision to join the project was extremely correct."