We live in uncertain times. The current landscape presents contemporary generations with ecological, economic, political and health challenges, all of which combine to lay the foundations for a social crisis that is already global. In these conditions, it is easy to be stunned: not knowing how to move forward. At times like these, we need to come together as a community and allow new ideas and movements to flourish and establish a new vision for the future.

art2act is a child of its time, born amidst populism, the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change and increasing social polarisation. It is in this perfect storm that we set out to help change the world. We intend to do so with the most effective tool available to humanity: culture. But, unfortunately, we tend to forget the impact it has, how durable it is and how well it roots the values we stand for, and, as a result, we give less and less support for its development. We are here to change this.

From the ideation phase, we always wanted art2act to be a vehicle for the democratisation of art, but we didn’t know how. So, we decided to go deeper into the cultural sector and understand the different struggles artists face. We found a problem that needs a systemic solution. Therefore, after studying different strategies, we chose blockchain.

art2act helps artists and creators, historically resilient characters who are willing to give up everything and risk everything to convey their messages, passions, and emotions. With them, we are going to change the world.
We are a democratic platform, made by and for artists, focused on developing artists and creating real cultural opportunities. We are not just another place to sell art: we are a living and growing ecosystem. We bring together the different actors in the sector with unparalleled efficiency, connecting and empowering them to turn their ideas and dreams into reality.