When you look upon different networks or scroll down on social media, you might be overwhelmed with the number of talented artists out there genuinely expressing themselves, there’s artistic value all around! Nevertheless, once we talk with artists, we can’t help to relate to their frustrations. It is challenging to get noticed, being heard, and selling one´s pieces. It is a very complicated world to navigate, mainly because of the structural problems affecting the market. art2act® believes that one of these problems is the lack of inclusivity: far too little players end up deciding which direction to follow.


The path towards the democratization of art comes from the liberation of the artist as the subject of pressure to generate an economic benefit to an external organization. Although we cannot assure that the economic pressure, and its association with artistic success, will pressure the artist towards "what is already liked" (not clearly thinking how ephemeral that is), we can liberate the artist to promote genuine, daring innovation, and encouragement that there are still many things left to create.



art2act® comes to life to support artists and to create a positive impact in the community.


Our mission to support artists is strictly connected with our beliefs and what artists need. Our mission intends to promote a more open, transparent, and inclusive market where artists can have real opportunities to showcase their work. Understanding that many artists live trying to balance being stuck and finding breakthroughs artistically, and the emotional toll that this represents in their daily lives, we can provide relief by creating consistent and personalized action patterns depending on the phase they are in their artistic careers, offering realistic action plans that put them in the direction of a coherent and unique career path, that fits their expectations and follows what market trends acknowledge as a successful artist career.


art2act® is deeply committed to bringing about a positive impact on the community. We may be a for-profit company, however, we believe that it is possible to share our profits with the community – which needs us all. Change happens locally, and it is up to companies to lead by example. Therefore, 7% of each artwork sold goes to an NGO determined by the artist. art2act® wants to allow artists to lay a hand to a cause they feel particularly connected to.


Finally, we have come to life to establish a link between art lovers and unique artworks. In the difficult circumstances that we live in nowadays, it is crucial for us to help artists finding their path and art lovers to find masterpieces. You can count on us for providing encouragement and tools for artists to find their own voices and career paths. You can also count on us to show you relevant artworks from artists we feel you might like to “experience” – always connected with causes that are dear to you.


From your side, we can only ask you to buy art, it will generate an impact. We will be with you every step of the way.


Thank you and welcome to art2act®!