Vieira Saraiva - new artworks | newsletter #23

Discover the latest creations of the artist. Diogo Manuel Vieira Saraiva (Porto). In these years the artist has improved significantly his painting skills and has participated in small exhibitions like the 2020 "DO AVESSO".

Interviewing Camilla D'Anunziata | newsletter #22

D'Anunziata is an eternal student of medieval alchemy, but she brings it to everyday life by turning her residue into gold, seeking solutions to this climatic context that we are experiencing globally.

Interviewing Thomas Mendonça | newsletter #21

"The fact of working with different medias gives me the opportunity to explore different ways to represent and communicate what I want. In fact, both drawing, ceramic, painting, crochet and collecting brings many points of view..."

Open Call | AEFBAUL x art2act®️

A art2act® em colaboração com a Associação de Estudantes da Faculdade de Belas Artes de Lisboa une-se em prol de um projeto que visa promover o trabalho de artistas emergentes desta mesma instituição.

Interviewing Vieira Saraiva | newsletter #20

"Following the branch of painting, I search and seek to improve my technique and create captivating and engaging art. Art has the potential to reach the core of the human soul and the role of the artist is to unlock that potential and set it free."

Interviewing Ester Pavón | newsletter #19

"I think it's wonderful because the world needs many artists to change it ... what would the world be like without musicians, writers, filmmakers, painters? I would also tell him/her that it is a vital adventure to live from the gift he/she has."

Interviewing Rani Assal | Newsletter #18

"I don't paint in order to please or send someone a message. I believe that I and the vast majority of artists paint for themselves. Painting must be sincere, and being honest with yourself is one of the most difficult things to achieve..."

Interviewing Antony Squizzato | Newsletter #17

"... any piece of art does not have to dictate any message, but may open imagination and lead to discussions or different views as some echoes to the watcher history. I like drawings that manage to have multi-levels lectures ..."

Interviewing Ana Pinho | Newsletter #16

"Above all, I assume that I am a versatile artist who's constantly seeking to explore new materials, techniques, and ways of creating. Strongly influenced by artists such as Egon Shiele, Hockey, Lucian Freud, Paula Rego, Helena Almeira and Julião Sarmento."

Interviewing Javier de Mendoza | Newsletter #15

"I make contemporary figurative sculpture, the works I produce are endowed with a social and sometimes political charge that is reflected in the theme, formalization, and message of my works."

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